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Your Voice, Your Say: Let’s Talk Inequality

In a series of sevenPolicy Forums across Scotland, the Partnership explored – ahead of the Holyrood elections in May 2021 – what people believe the next Parliament needs to address to help create ‘a just and equal Scotland, in a just and equal world’.

To achieve this, we went to communities around the country to find out what mattered most to them. The forums – ‘Your Voice, Your Say: Let’s Talk Inequality’ – were delivered in partnership with local organisations, and could not have happened without them.

The conversations explored the meaning of inequality in Scotland today – including the gap between rich and poor; geographical inequalities; and inequalities between groups based on gender, race and ability – and what levers can be used at a devolved level to tackle inequality in its various forms.

We aimed to deliver eight workshops between January and April 2020 in the eight electoral regions of Scotland. Two of these workshops were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but an additional workshop was carried out with refugee and migrant women in Glasgow.

Below are the reports.

Cumbernauld, in partnership with Cumbernauld Poverty Action

Paisley, in partnership with STAR Project

Glasgow, in partnership with Saheliya

Inverness, in partnership with Inverness Foodstuff

Kirkcaldy, in partnership with Fife Centre for Equalities

Dundee, in partnership with Dundee fighting for Fairness Commission

Greenock, in partnership with Your Voice, Inverclyde